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Why Use DFE


So the key question perhaps is this, why sell your business through DFE Commercial?

1. We are independent agents and therefore have the ability to develop the sales process to reflect your requirements. We operate an active purchase register of qualified purchasers looking to acquire care facilities. This process eliminates those without the resources to complete on this type of transaction.

2. We understand that selling your business is not just selling real estate - it may well represent a lifetime's work. We also understand the real attachment to both the residents in situ and the staff employed there. Confidentiality is paramount and our approach to the transfer of your business will reflect this.

3. We thoroughly research the potential purchasers' ability to purchase both financially and from the ‘registration" aspect, ensuring no introductions are made that could not be fulfilled given the desire to purchase. Most of the purchasers will already be known to us, or existing clients, so we will have a full and frank understanding of their situation.

4. We can accompany viewings or alternatively we can arrange discussion meetings in our boardroom at the SOUTHAMPTON offices ensuring an "off site' discussion in a relaxed and confidential environment. No direct contact is permitted during the initial negotiations so there will always be control of the contact channel ie: no unsolicited calls to the Care Home

5. Assuming an agreement to buy and sell is reached we will then act as the contact point to all parties. We will often be involved in arranging funding for the purchaser and therefore will remain aware of the daily progress.

6. In summary, we would endeavour to obtain the highest price for the business and we will provide a written summary of our market appraisal. We can provide desktop valuations from the major business valuers ensuring the Guide price is fair and realistic to all parties.


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